Hi & welcome to my site! I adore natural light photography, classic black & white & captivating colors! I hope that you will see something that you adore as well. Let the sun SHINE in !! :)

I specialize in lifestyle portraiture with a fun, fresh & contemporary style. I shoot on location & use beautiful natural light for your custom created photographs.

Capturing sweet unsuspecting smiles & those sometimes sassy but adorable moments that truly reflect the unique character of your child is what I strive for. I really enjoy pursuing new modern ideas of photography while keeping the memory timeless. Which means that I love to capture more than just a face! A sweet little foot, a precious dimple or curl….so sweet! You wouldn’t ever want to forget that!

As a young girl, I remember spending countless hours of pondering through boxes of photo envelopes filled with snapshots & negative strips that told me a story of a time gone by. Maybe a story that was before my time, maybe a story of my parents young love for each other or perhaps a story of my parents own childhood & definitely stories of my own childhood. Whatever the memory, had it not been for a photo, the memory would have never been told quite the same way as those images told me. The visual & memorable image of a photograph has always intrigued me & many times is the only window to the past.

So yes, I do love photography! I love its purpose, its art of emotion, its subjectiveness…

I love the way a camera can capture light & immediately turn a moment into a memory! I believe it is the only way to freeze time…a day in the life is never the same as it was yesterday or as it will be tomorrow.

Photograph it!!

Best & love,


I like to have fun & I want you & your child to have fun as well! Photo sessions will be relaxed with no worries or pressure on anyone. I want to capture that essence of your child that so defines him/her….I will ask that you allow me time to interact with your child before the session begins to gain a bit of trust & knowledge. I want your images to reflect true emotion & personality, rarely will I get that without first befriending the child.

Sessions can be done in the privacy of your own home/backyard or at any local venue of your choice. We can walk around the town or play around in the grass or fields. The choice is yours! Once I have an idea of what type of images you have in mind, we’ll go over our options & settle on a location that’s perfect. For outdoors, I prefer early morning or late afternoon/early evening and for indoors, near large window(s) so that natural light is my main light source.

Sessions generally last 1-2 hours with breaks as needed.

Wardrobe changes are welcome & are recommended. I prefer no more than 3 outfits for times sake & for the child(ren)’s sake ;)

I love bright fun colors for spring/summer sessions & warm earthy tones for fall/winter sessions. Fun items are welcomed as well…think tutu’s, cute tights & hats, scarves, umbrella/rainboots for the girls and unique beanies, a nice jacket, scarves or even a favorite toy for the boys.

Textured clothing always photographs beautifully but please stay away from large logo and/or branded clothing as they will only distract attention from my subject.

Simple clothing will always look classic & remain timeless. I do encourage the fun frilly stuff too! Who says you can’t have it all? :)

For family shots, everyone should coordinate & not necessarily be matched to one another. You can always have a prime color for everyone & just build off of that one color. I will be more than happy to consult with you on wardrobe suggestions if you’d like.

As for shoes…I prefer none when feasible! Bare feet are wonderful in photos :)

Senior sessions are booked throughout the year and I will be happy to accommodate any idea or suggestion & help with any concerns you may have.

Only 1 rule for seniors…keep it real !! You are finally graduating from high school & this should be one fun & fabulous photo shoot! Rock.And.Roll. :) Solid colors that are fitting to the season, jeans/khakis, layered tops or polos & dresses that don’t possess a busy pattern work well to keep the focus on my subject.

Sessions should be done within the third trimester, usually between 32-36 weeks. I adore bare belly shots & welcome any ideas you may have in mind that you’d like to execute during the session. No rules!

Wear anything you’d like or nothing at all. Your partner and/or older children will be welcome in the photos as well.

If you are pregnant & would like to schedule a newborn shoot with me please contact me ASAP with your tentative due date.

Newborns photograph best within the first week of their birth date & preferably no later than 10 days old. Sessions will take place in the comfort of your own home using natural window light unless you find it more fitting to photograph in my home, where I have plenty of available light. I will give you all the details during our phone consultation.

Wardrobe for newborns? Preferably their birthday suit :) I have hand knitted caps & some diaper covers that will be adorable, other than that, maybe a special blanket or keepsake along with the babe(s) will be all we need.

Newborn sessions can last up to 4 hours.

I am currently building my wedding portfolio and I will have my new website up soon to showcase my work. Please contact me for details and prices.
Your session proofs will be custom prepared and presented to you 2 – 3 weeks after session date. I will give you a password protected online gallery to share with family and friends accessible for 2 weeks. Within that 2 week time frame you, family, and friends can order through your gallery. Once the gallery expires, there will be a $25 republishing fee.

I will prepare and order your proof book the same day that you gain access to the gallery. The book is in a 4×6 format, spiral bounded with a soft frosted cover. Perfect for a purse brag book! I will personally gift wrap and mail the proof book to you once I receive it from my professional printing lab within a week.